Why Are Implants So Wonderful?

Why Are Implants So Wonderful?

Mar 01, 2021

Implants are one of the most crucial procedures when it comes to having to restore your smile because of missing teeth. In modern society, you need to be cautious about your appearance and looks. A smile is considered an important part of one’s life to achieve success in a career. It also offers immense benefits in personal life.

This is the reason why people prefer to make their appearance beautiful and charming. Implants are a procedure that helps you to achieve the purpose successfully. Every skilled dentist in Dorval, QC is qualified and professionally trained. He or she can provide you effective procedures.

Who Needs Implants?

Most prominently, people with missing teeth seek the procedure because it works for them more wonderful than any other dental process.

There could be so many reasons for a person to lose their teeth here we are giving some of them you should take care of them to avoid the situation.

  • Tooth cavities
  • Ignorance to oral health
  • Traumas and accidents.
  • Infections
  • Dental diseases and much more.

What You Should Do Before Treatment?

Although the implant could bring immense benefit, it could still not be appropriate for everyone. So before availing yourself of the process, you should take professional consultation.

Your dentist will make a thorough examination of your teeth by following different procedures like x-rays and CT scans. It is done to bring your true dental position into the light. After the dental examination, your dentist will explain the treatment whether you should go for a mini-implant or you should adopt full mouth dental implants.

It is a crucial step that you should not avoid because it would be your treatment base. If you want to have successful implant treatment, you should choose a trustworthy and qualified professional to complete the process. After all, it’s something related to your smile and oral health.
During the consultation process, a brief discussion would be made on the cost that the process will involve.

Placement Process

Below is the step-by step implant process:

  • After doing a thorough examination and deciding on the treatment, you require the next step is having a dental implants procedure done. Your professional will take all the necessary measures and will start the process.
  • The durability of the procedure will depend on your teeth and jawbone’s condition. But be assured that you will have your smile back after the placement.
  • Generally, this process won’t take much time. It would be completed in 4-5 sittings maximum. The success of your treatment will depend on the skill of your dentist. The placement should be accurate.


Here is what you can expect during the implant recovery phase:

  • An implant involves surgery for placement, so it can take a bit longer to heal. Your dentist will provide you with a list of things you should keep in mind to recover faster.
  • After completing the process, be mindful about what you eat, how you clean your new teeth, and how much time you provide them to get better.
  • Remember, no matter how strong your new teeth are, they are still artificial, and their lives depend on you.
  • Dental Implants treatment will take approximately two months in the proper setting inside your mouth. For complete healing, six months are sufficient.
  • You should stay away from all the bad habits like smoking and drinking. Because they can delay the healing process, and sometimes whole the surgery may fail.
  • According to Canadian Dental Association, Implants could work for you amazingly, but the only condition is how much attention you pay to them.

What Can You Expect?

If everything goes well and implants got a perfect fit inside your mouth, you will have the following benefits.

  • Charm in appearance.
  • No fear for jaw bone loss.
  • Improved oral functioning.
  • Removal of bad bites and much more.

There are numerous types of implants are available, and every patient has different demands. When you see your dentist, he or she can provide you the details of the processes and what could be the best choice for you based on your condition.

So, if you have any queries and doubts about the process, make sure to get them resolved at Clinique Dentaire Dorval. Contact us any time for dental implants in Dorval, QC.

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