Top 3 Causes of Child Tooth Decay

Top 3 Causes of Child Tooth Decay

May 24, 2019

As responsible parents, it’s your duty to take care of your child’s teeth right from an early age. Going on the path of good oral health helps in making sure that they enjoy a bright and healthy smile in the long run. Introducing them to oral hygiene routine will help in preventing risk of dental issues when they grow up, says dentist in Dorval.

The journey of protecting their precious teeth begins even before they have had their adult teeth. According to dentist in Dorval, the following are three leading causes of crooked teeth and tooth decay among babies and small children.

  • Thumb- Sucking

You may find the sight of baby falling asleep with thumb in their mouth cute but the habit’s not good for their dental health in the long run. While if they suck thumb only during sleeping hours, it’s not worrisome, but if it extends beyond their sleeping hours, it is a matter of concern. The dentist in Montreal says that thumb sucking can lead to overbite, open bite, bottom teeth pointing inward, and other changes to the shape of the teeth. The dentist can recommend strategies to help your child get rid of thumb sucking.

  • Pacifiers

Just like thumb sucking, pacifiers during the first two years will hardly cause deformities to their permanent teeth. However, prolonged use can have a negative effect on the child’s oral and dental development. Common issues include crooked teeth, irregular bite, jaw alignment, overbite, and much more. Wean them off the pacifier slowly and gradually offering alternative comforts such as toys, says dentist in Montreal.

  • Bottle Rot

According to dentist near Dorval QC, when the baby begins to consume sugary drinks via bottle, the risk of developing bottle rots increases. Bottle rot is when the first teeth of babies become infected. The best way to combat this is by giving your baby a bottle of water during nap and bedtime while also reducing how much sugar they consume each day. Wiping your baby’s gums and small teeth with a clean washcloth after eating can help.

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