Sleep Apnea and You – the Body Connection

Sleep Apnea and You – the Body Connection

Jun 03, 2019

Are you not able to sleep properly? Or do you get irritated the whole day because you do not feel active because of improper sleep? If this is the case, you should get a checkup of sleep apnea. This is a critical situation where people feel they are not able to sleep the whole night because of the problem in breathing. If you are in this condition, you will struggle in breathing and this may lead to break in the sleep. In the long term, it is very dangerous for the body. For the solution, you can contact the dentist in Dorval.


Now you are worrying if you have the problem of sleep apnea or not. To get this answer, you should know what the symptoms of this problem are. Following you will find some suggestions by the dentist in Dorval common symptoms

  • Snoring while sleeping can be a big problem but this is not the case every time. People tend to snore while sleeping
  • You always take a small nap; you are unable to take complete sleep
  • You feel sleepy whole day
  • You notice that it is very difficult for you to sleep

The solution of the sleep apnea

When we talk about the solution – sleep apnea, one thing that comes in mind first is the CPAP machine. This is mostly suggested by the dentist in Montreal and many other places. This is a very effective method, but sometimes sleep apnea problem can be solved by the oral operation. Dentist in Montreal suggested that through surgery dentist can gently pull the jaw forward. This makes space for oxygen to go inside the body and allow easy breathing. This process is not very critical, but the dentist needs to examine the whole situation and provide the treatment.

You should not go to any dentist near you for the sleep apnea because it needs practice and experience to deal with the situation. You need complete research and then select the dentist. You can contact Clinique Dentaire Dorval because they have experts who can deal with this situation and you can reach out to a dentist in Dorval QC.

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