Dental Care for Children in Dorval, QC

Dental Care for Children in Dorval, QC

An experienced kids’ dentist can have a lasting impact on the dental health of children! First impressions also last in dental care as an enjoyable first visit to the kids’ dentist will ensure that the child doesn’t avoid a visit to the dentist as he or she grows older.

At Dorval Dental Clinic we make prevention our first priority when it comes to children. Good dental hygiene habits that are acquired early lead to good oral health that stays in adulthood.

It is recommended that the first dental exam of a child be in the first year of age. This familiarizes the child with the dental environment and to the proper hygiene measures that parents should follow at home. During this appointment, the kids’ dentist will do an oral exam, review brushing and dietary habits all while having a great deal of fun!

It is also recommended that a child has their first orthodontic evaluation by age 7 or 8. This will allow early detection of any developing malocclusion (bite problem) and the establishment of the necessary steps to monitor and or correct it.

Dental Tips for Children:

  • It is very important that the parent brush and floss the teeth of their child up until 8 years of age. They should be shown and taught how to do it alone, but a parent has to go over it first.
  • If it is your child’s first visit to the kids dentistry, you can read a book with them or watch a video about visiting the dentist beforehand.

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