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Gum Grafting in Dorval, QC

Gum grafting at Dorval Dental Clinic is a surgical procedure performed by a Dorval periodontist to correct receding gums. By this time, the root is exposed because the soft tissue no longer covers it. Gum graft surgery stops the recession and prevents decay and tooth and bone loss.

Gum disease often leads to soft tissue recession. However, it can also result from aggressive teeth brushing, smoking, hormones and other causes. If you don’t have receding gums, or if the problem has just started, one method to halt the progression is to practice good oral hygiene habits.

Gum Grafting in Dorval

If your dentist in Dorval, QC, or a local periodontist recommends gum grafting, the goal is to repair the gum recession you are experiencing. This common procedure takes a portion of soft tissue, usually from the palate, and uses it to cover the roof of your tooth. Depending on the condition being treated and what your dentist in Dorval, QC thinks is best for the appearance of your gums, gum grafting may be performed on one or more teeth.

At Dorval Dental Clinic, we use several types of gum grafts. Usually, our dentist will use connective-tissue grafting. This procedure takes tissue from underneath the skin on the top of your mouth. Other types used at Dorval Dental Clinic are free gingival and pedicle grafts. Free gingival grafts use palate skin tissue, instead of tissue from beneath the skin like with connective-tissue grafts. Pedicle grafts, which are only effective if enough tissue is available, use some of the existing tissue around the affected tooth.

Gum Grafts at Dorval Dental Clinic

Besides using tissue from your body, our periodontist in Dorval could opt for an outside tissue bank or use proteins to encourage your oral cavity to regenerate tissue naturally. Your periodontist will determine which gum grafting option is best for your case.
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