Root Canal Treatment or Tooth Extraction: What Would You Prefer?

Sep 01, 2021

You have a tooth causing severe pain when chewing or biting, lingering sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures even after removing the sensation, and swollen or tender gums. You visit Clinique Dentaire Dorval to get yourself evaluated for what’s wrong in your mouth. You are ushered to your appointment promptly by the clinic staff, making you confident you can soon overcome the pain and discomfort bothering you.

The endodontic specialists of the clinic alarm you with information that the symptoms you experience result from a badly infected tooth needing an intensive procedure to remove the tooth’s inflamed dental pulp infected by bacteria. Again, the specialists alarm you, further mentioning you can either undergo endodontic treatment to repair the tooth or lose it altogether by getting extracted. You ponder about the choices that leave you between the devil and the deep sea, wondering which option is better for your needs.

Why Mustn’t You Fear Root Canal Treatments?

Root canal therapy performed by specialists in a couple of appointments help you preserve your natural tooth after covering it with a dental crown. The treatment saves millions of teeth every year when performed by specialists with adequate knowledge about pain management. In addition, it costs you fewer dollars to undergo this treatment and continue having your tooth for a lifetime.

On the other hand, if you refuse endodontic root canal treatment, you allow the bacteria in your mouth to spread the infection to your neighboring teeth and even enter your bloodstream of causing various health complications. Root canal treatments in Dorval, QC, suggest you can have the tooth extracted and get replacements with dental implants to eradicate infection. Tooth extraction may appear like an alternative which it is, but getting a tooth removed also leaves you searching for replacement solutions and a gap between your teeth. Furthermore, tooth extractions make you vulnerable to more problems and considerable expenditure with multiple appointments to dentist’s offices. Under the circumstances, which option would you exercise?

Root Canal Treatment Better for Your Situation

The fear of root canal treatments is significantly due to the myths surrounding endodontic services. Root canal treatments are purported as fearful and life-threatening by many. However, if you dig deep to gather information about these services, you realize it is merely a dental treatment handled by qualified professionals to save your tooth instead of removing it.

Root canal treatment helps eliminate bacteria within the infected root canal of your tooth. When you accept the suggestion of root canal dentists to have your tooth treated with this treatment, professionals remove the inflamed or infected pulp from within your tooth before cleaning, disinfecting, filling, and sealing it.

The description above can make you fearful about how the dentist will get inside your tooth and the pain you must endure during the procedure. While your fears are justified, it helps if you understand endodontic specialists are trained in pain management techniques and provide help to millions of people relieving pain and making teeth healthy again. You also will receive similar services from specialists who will leave you at your laughing best in a couple of appointments with a dental facility.

Present-day root canals are unlike similar treatments earlier. Currently, root canal treatments are identical to getting dental fillings and completed in one or two appointments depending on the condition of your tooth and your individual circumstances. Getting a root canal performed by specialists is relatively painless because you receive adequate anesthesia. The treatment is also effective, leaving you free at your smiling best biting, and chewing with ease.

Endodontic treatment and restoration of the natural tooth cost you fewer dollars than the alternative of having the tooth removed and replaced with dental implants or dental bridges. All the fear and pain you have heard about root canals only affect you after undergoing the treatment, which is natural with every surgical procedure. However, preferring root canal over tooth removal leaves you with a natural tooth in your mouth restored to full functionality. Most importantly, the treatment eradicates an infection in your mouth with the potential to cause various problems and prevents the need for treatments from different medical professionals. With the description provided in this blog, we are confident you will prefer to undergo root canal treatment to clear the infection in your tooth instead of scheduling multiple appointments spread over many months with your dentist to receive dental implants or bridges.

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