Protecting Your Smile in the Cold: Tips for Dental Implant Care

Protecting Your Smile in the Cold: Tips for Dental Implant Care

Apr 01, 2023

After getting dental implants as missing teeth replacements, you cannot assume the replacement teeth are similar to your natural teeth because you might get the feeling that they appear and feel natural. It would help if you continued protecting your smile in the harsh winter weather, making it essential to care for them appropriately.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are tiny screw-like titanium posts that help replace lost teeth. Titanium is biocompatible and integrates with your jawbone, making an excellent missing tooth replacement solution. In addition, dental implants can make you assume you never lost your teeth.

How Do Dental Implants Serve Your Dental Health?

Replacing missing teeth is the primary role of implants. Fortunately, implant prosthetics are superior to alternative replacement solutions because they remain in your mouth permanently. Therefore they provide a permanent solution when you lose your natural teeth.

Implants function by replacing the missing tooth roots of the teeth you lost. Getting implants requires an intricate procedure to embed the metal post in your jawbone. After dental implant placement dental implants in Dorval, QC, suture your gums to secure the implants in place.

Besides tooth root replacements, dental implants also restore dental crowns after you have recovered from the surgical procedure in approximately three to six months. Dental crowns are tooth caps mounted on the metal implant to mimic the natural appearance, feeling, and functionality of your missing teeth.

Although dental implants help replace a single missing tooth, you can also have multiple missing teeth replaced in a row. However, as replacing a complete arch of missing teeth is impractical with dental implants and requires alternative measures, implant surgery helps replace a couple of missing teeth. After the surgical procedure, the dentist can fix a partial or complete denture over the implants to replace lost teeth.

What Happens during and after Your Dental Implant Procedure?

During implant placement, you remain oblivious to the procedure because the dentist numbs your mouth with local anesthesia making the process entirely painless. They can also provide sedation if your dental anxiety levels are high. Therefore you don’t experience discomfort during dental implant placement.

After returning home from the surgical process, your mouth remains numb for at least four to six hours before the anesthesia wears off. You will experience bruising, swelling and minor bleeding, besides some discomfort from the placement. However, the problems subside in approximately ten days as you heal. However, the recovery process requires three to six months, depending on your oral and overall health, before you can have dental crowns mounted on the implant.

Avoiding Winter Hazards That Can Harm Dental Implants

When getting dental implants, dentists assure you that caring for your artificial teeth is similar to your natural teeth. However, you cannot assume your artificial teeth don’t need attention because there will be occasions when they need additional care. In addition, you must ensure your fake teeth are in optimal shape to function appropriately. For your reference, some tips to avoid the winter Hazards harmful to implants are mentioned below.

  • Cleaning your implant teeth twice daily is essential because it helps maintain excellent oral health. Therefore you must brush your teeth twice daily to discourage plaque and tartar buildup harmful to them.

  • You must avoid practices that might damage the implants by avoiding using the implanted teeth for purposes other than biting and chewing. For example, chewing on non-food items or using implanted teeth as tools are excellent examples of practices harmful to your artificial teeth.

  • Winter is not a reason to avoid water because it dries your mouth and dehydrates you. Therefore you must drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated and inhibit your risks of oral infections.

  • Cleaning your gums is essential because you cannot allow plaque buildup to accumulate around the implanted teeth because it results in dental implant failure. In addition, you must remain gentle with your gums to avoid mouth sores or infections that might compromise the health of your teeth.

Importance of Regular Dental Checkups

Whether you have natural or implanted teeth getting regular dental checkups is a requirement you cannot overlook. Six monthly visits to your dentist help the professional identify infections or anomalies that need attention without further delay. While the titanium dental implants remain securely embedded in your jawbone, the dental crowns are vulnerable to damage from impacts on your mouth and dental plaque. Although dental crowns don’t attract tooth decay, they are susceptible to gum disease. Regular dental checkups also get you dental cleanings for the removal of plaque and tartar buildup around all your teeth, including the artificial teeth. Therefore it helps if you pay attention to your dentist in Dorval, QC on the scheduled dates for cleanings and exams to safeguard your investment in dental implants and oral health.

Clinique Dentaire Dorval provides dental implants to replace missing teeth in Dorval, emphasizing patient’s care for their artificial teeth like their natural ones, especially in the harsh Canadian winter. If you have missing teeth consult them for replacements that remain with you for life, giving you a permanent solution for tooth loss.

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