We work with most insurance providers.

Many patients are not aware that group plans are not designed to meet individual health needs, and that coverage is strictly determined by your plan purchaser (employer) and the insurance company. Our highly knowledgable staff will assist you in getting pre-authorizations to estimate what will be covered before treatment starts. Read more about dental insurance for cosmetic and general dentistry here.

Flexible payment options.

We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, Interac. We also offer flexible financial payment plans as well when needed. Please see our Financial Coordinator for details about financing cosmetic dentistry or general dentistry procedures. We are happy to file insurance for your reimbursement as long as you are free to choose your own dentist.

Financing cosmetic dentistry is a subject that causes many people who would like to benefit from cosmetic treatments to be deterred by the perceived cost. If you’d like to revitalize your smile but are concerned about the expense, there are many ways you can finance your cosmetic work.

Ways to Finance Your Cosmetic Dentistry Work

Before you decide on having cosmetic dentistry, you might wish to decide how to pay for the work you’re going to have done. Our cosmetic dentist should be able to give you an estimate of how much the work is likely to cost, so you can arrange payment options before you schedule your appointment.

Options that can be helpful in paying for your new smile include:

  • Dental insurance. Most cosmetic work will not be covered, but be sure to ask your insurance provider rather than assuming you’ll have to pay for everything.
  • Credit card. You might be able to acquire a low-interest card to pay for your treatment.
  • Personal loan. This type of loan is likely to have lower interest rates than a credit card.
  • Payment plan. Our cosmetic dentist can set up a payment plan so you can pay for your work over time. At our dental practice in Montreal, we offer various payment plans to help you pay for your smile makeover.
  • Accord D Financing (NEW). You can now finance your smile makeover with Accord D Financing from Desjardins. Complete an application at our dental practice and get a response right away.

Now Available

After discussing all the possible options, you can decide on the best way for you to finance your cosmetic treatment.

Deciding On Cosmetic Dentistry

The look of your teeth can affect how you feel about your appearance overall. If you’re uncomfortable smiling, it can make you smile less and adversely affect your quality of life. Even a simple problem like stained teeth might make you self-conscious. If you feel self-conscious about your smile, talk to our cosmetic dentist about what you can do.

Many cosmetic dentistry procedures don’t take a great deal of time, and can be performed right in the dental office. Based upon the changes you want to make to your smile, our dentist will suggest procedures that will help you achieve your goals for your final look. You might even be able to combine some procedures so you can have them done in one or two visits, which can help reduce the overall cost of your dental work.

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