How Your Oral and Overall Health Are Connected

How Your Oral and Overall Health Are Connected

Aug 16, 2019

Everybody is talking about the relation between teeth and smile, but sometimes people forget that there is a relationship between teeth and the overall health. Dentist in Dorval suggests that you can save yourself from many health problems just by taking care of your teeth. Following you can find some of the problems which happen because of bad oral habits.

Cardiovascular: You might be thinking that what the heck it is? In simple words, we can say it is a heart disease. You might know that bacteria can harm the gums, and they take the route of gums to enter the bloodstream. Once they get themselves in, then they start to cause a problem called atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis allows plaque into blood vessel, and then it blocks that area, and you end up with a heart disease. You can save yourself before it gets late by contacting the dentist in Dorval.

Dementia: You might not know it, but it can create problems for your mind because gingivitis bacteria enter into the brain with the help of nerves or blood vessel and create an Alzheimer’s disease. To save yourself from the problem, you need to fix an appointment with the dentist in Montreal.

Respiratory infection: You might also become a victim of respiratory infection. The connection is not very obvious, but some studies found that indirectly, tooth problems can affect your respiratory system. Now you need to decide what you need to do: go for a checkup at the dentist in Montreal or become a victim of this disease.

Diabetic Complication: It can be seen that if someone takes care of teeth, then their diabetes is also in control. Infection also makes it difficult to control blood sugar, and it makes the situation worse in diabetes. One needs to take care of the oral problems. If you want to know more then contact the dentist near you.

Above mentioned are chronic diseases which are related to oral hygiene. If you do not know how to tackle this kind of problem, then you should talk to Clinique Dentaire Dorval. They will help you get out and deal with this kind of problem, and you will find this dentist in Dorval QC.

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