How Much Time Is Required for Sleep Apnea Treatment to Deliver Results?

How Much Time Is Required for Sleep Apnea Treatment to Deliver Results?

Sep 01, 2022

You endure days of sleepless nights and the nagging by your partner about your loud snoring and eventually decide you must do something about it. You visit medical professionals to determine the reasons for the snoring and the fatigue you feel during the daytime, loss of concentration at work, and difficulties driving vehicles intending to overcome the snoring whatever it takes.

The medical professional refers you to a board-certified sleep medicine specialist who, after performing a sleep study with numerous wires and tubes attached to your body in a sleep clinic, eventually determines that you have mild to moderate sleep apnea. They recommend you seek obstructive sleep apnea treatment in Dorval, QC from your physician to overcome the challenges you confront.

Treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Revisiting your physician gets you a recommendation to start using a bulky CPAP machine with a mask attached over your nose throughout the night to make you wonder how long you must continue wearing the device before it delivers results. You might also express displeasure at wearing a bulky device over your nose and wonder how the machine helps overcome snoring, daytime sleepiness, and fatigue.

Research reveals that CPAP therapy helps eliminate daytime sleepiness and fatigue besides snoring associated with the sleep disorder affecting you. CPAP instruments are considered the gold standard for severe obstructive sleep apnea and can deliver optimal results after using the device for about two weeks.

Searching for alternatives to overcome your sleep disorder merely because you feel the CPAP device is intolerable, you discuss your symptoms with your dentist in Dorval, QC, who recommends an oral appliance for sleep apnea which requires you to wear a tiny oral device to keep your lower jaw forward when sleeping.

How Does Oral Appliance Therapy Function?

A customized oral device fabricated explicitly for your functions by repositioning your jaw at night to open up your airway and prevent breathing disruptions that are the prime reasons for obstructive sleep apnea. You think the appliance recommended by your dentist is more comfortable than the CPAP therapy besides being portable to carry along whenever you travel. Convinced by the dentist’s recommendation, you provide measurements of your mouth and jaw to have an instrument resembling a mouthguard custom created for you.

As you head to bed at night wearing the device, you might experience discomfort because your jaw is not accustomed to repositioning. However, you begin sleeping better immediately because your repositioned jaw doesn’t block your breathing to allow maximum airflow.

The dentist providing the oral appliance recommends that you revisit them for adjustments to the device to the optimal position to treat the sleep apnea affecting you. The dentist aims to train your muscles to maintain your jaw in a place which allows for airflow without obstructions. The dentist also examines the appliance to ensure it fits appropriately and delivers excellent results. You must return to the dentist several times over the next few months for adjustments and examinations by your dentist, who inquires about your sleep patterns or any challenges you confront.

When do You Start Noticing Results?

Oral appliances for sleep apnea deliver results almost immediately. Unlike earlier, you will likely notice that you are not snoring or waking up repeatedly. Sleep apnea oral appliances allow you to sleep better from the first night of using the device. However, please do not expect the device to undo the effects of sleep apnea with a single night’s use. Oral appliances deliver excellent results but require patience and compliance on your part.

Besides delivering excellent results, oral appliances pioneered by dentists also require care because they are positioned overnight in your mouth. Therefore you must clean the device in the morning and evening before putting it in your mouth and keep it in the container provided by the dentist for storage. In addition, ensure that you do not leave the device where your pets might decide to chew on it.

Take Advantage of the Oral Appliance As Best Possible

The key to overcoming an ailment like sleep apnea requires compliance. You might need a few days to get accustomed to wearing the device, but you must ensure you do your best every night. You might also receive a recommendation to undergo a follow-up sleep test after you start wearing the device. The sleep test confirms whether your treatment is delivering optimal results or will let your dentist in Dorval, QC know whether further adjustments are needed to help you overcome a severe sleep-related disorder, sleep apnea.

Clinique Dentaire Dorval provides sleep apnea treatment to many patients delivering results as discussed above. However, if you have a mild to moderate sleep apnea diagnosis, schedule a consultation with the practice to receive a comfortable treatment for your condition.

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