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How Do You Know If You Need an Orthodontist?

Jan 01, 2023

Looking at your teeth every morning and evening will not make you realize you must see an orthodontist near you to correct their problems even when they exist. Unfortunately, you might think orthodontists are similar to dentists and let your dislike for them overwhelm the need to see a professional specializing in treating malocclusion.

You aren’t the only individual in Canada who perceives that dentists and orthodontists are better left by the wayside because your teeth appear perfectly in order. Unfortunately, the need for orthodontic assessment becomes crucial if you suffer from problems with your mouth, teeth, breathing, and articulating when speaking and have difficulties chewing. Besides the above, you can also not feel confident when smiling because your teeth are positioned awkwardly.

You might try to avoid visits to an orthodontist for fear of wearing orthodontic braces for an extended period of three years or more, as it is familiar to children and teenagers to align your teeth into their proper positions. However, as you are unaware of whether you need an orthodontist, you benefit by discussing your situation with your dentist to obtain a referral to an experienced professional who can help you with the problems you confront.

What Problems Make It Evident You Need an Orthodontist?

Pain and Soreness in Your Teeth, Gums, and Mouth

Your teeth, gums, and mouth mustn’t hurt in general circumstances. However, they do it indicate there are reasons for the discomfort. For example, you might have misaligned teeth or other underlying issues in the mouth leading to the pain. If you experience pain and soreness in the mouth, teeth, or gums, orthodontics near you can help determine the cause of the discomfort and provide orthodontic treatment for relief.

Breathing Challenges or Sleep Apnea

If you have breathing problems or sleep apnea, it is a condition emanating because your airways are blocked. Occasionally the condition is attributed to a narrow jaw preventing your teeth from aligning properly and blocking air from passing through. If you are used to breathing with your mouth to get sufficient oxygen and wake a with a sore throat or indulge in loud snoring, you are likely suffering from sleep apnea. Thankfully orthodontic treatment in Dorval, QC, helps align your misaligned teeth to relieve breathing troubles and sleep apnea.

Articulating Challenges

If you suffer from articulating challenges when speaking, the problem might be related to your teeth. For example, you might have a lisp when speaking or a whistle because of an overbite or gaps between your teeth. In addition, you might find yourself slurring her words or stuttering because your jaw structure and teeth placement restricts movement. Finally, you might mispronounce words because your teeth placement prevents you from correcting your pronunciations. Orthodontic treatment can help align your teeth correctly, enabling you to articulate better than earlier.

Chewing Challenges

When eating without the ability to chew, you encounter chewing challenges. Unfortunately, when your teeth are not correctly aligned, you might confront this challenge because malocclusion causes multiple issues, including overbites, underbites, cross bites, and open bites, preventing your teeth from fitting together as they should, making it difficult to chew foods. However, when you visit an orthodontist to receive treatment, they can make it possible for you to enjoy the foods you want without discomfort or pain.

Lack of Confidence When Smiling

Occasionally even when you don’t have a significant problem with your teeth, you might want to feel more confident when smiling. Unfortunately, if you have crooked, crowded, or uneven teeth, you might think it better to hide like an ostrich instead of smiling before other people. If you encounter this situation, it indicates that you need an orthodontist to have a confident smile and proudly show it off to the world without raising your palms.

Besides the above, you might also confront problems with dental infections like tooth decay and gum disease because the positioning of your teeth makes it challenging for you to brush and floss them. Combined with all the other instances mentioned in this article, it is time for you to research orthodontics near me or get a referral from a dentist to the Dorval specialist to receive orthodontic treatment from them and overcome your challenges.

Clinique Dentaire Dorval provides orthodontics treatment in Dorval, QC for many patients, including teenagers and adults, without the inclination that they need it to correct teeth problems. If you are in a similar situation, arrange a meeting with the specialist to receive essential treatment to straighten your teeth and overcome the issues you encounter.

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