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How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Boost Your Confidence

Mar 01, 2023

Your self-confidence is something you should continuously fight for, even as you age. You need the self-assurance that you have what it takes to become the person you want. However, maintaining self-confidence is not easy when you have several imperfections with your smile. Usually, a smile is among the first things people notice about you. Therefore, you cannot hold back from improving your smile with cosmetic dentistry if you want to make good first impressions and maintain your confidence.

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

It is an area of dentistry that caters to the aesthetic oral needs of patients. Cosmetic dentist in Dorval, QC, have dedicated their lives to modifying various oral features to realize patients’ needs and preferences regarding their smiles. Today, it is not a far-fetched dream to want a smile makeover. The only requirement is to find the best cosmetic dental clinic near you that offers the services you need to improve your smile.

What Services Are Available in Cosmetic Dentistry?

Before you storm into a cosmetic dental clinic nearby, do your homework about the common cosmetic dental services available in cosmetic dentistry. The more you know, the more you are at an advantage to choose the right procedures for your smile. For example, the most prominent cosmetic dental procedures we offer at Clinique Dentaire Dorval are:

  • Teeth whitening – is by far the most popular cosmetic procedure in dentistry. It entails removing stains from teeth to brighten and whiten them. The most typical approach for whitening teeth is in-office enamel bleaching. However, dentists in cosmetic dentistry can employ other strategies, including composite bonding.
  • Teeth alignment – entails improving the evenness of teeth’ alignment in the jawbone. Typically, this service is necessary for patients with spaces between teeth. Cosmetic dentists can use dental veneers or composite bonding to close spaces between teeth. However, these methods work best for small spaces. Therefore, your cosmetic dentist may recommend clear aligners if you have large gaps or other misalignment problems. These orthodontic appliances can also help correct other alignment problems like misplaced midlines, crookedness, or overcrowding.
  • Teeth contouring – features procedures that can alter your teeth’ shape. Teeth contouring targets oddly shaped teeth, either unusually short, pointy, sharp, worn down or rounded. Dentists employ composite bonding and dental veneers to change teeth’ shapes and sizes.
  • Tooth replacement – tooth loss is a common problem in dentistry. Thankfully, different treatment protocols can help replace your lost teeth, including dental implants, dentures, and oral bridges. Your cosmetic dentist should help you choose the best alternative based on your preferences.
  • Gum contouring – teeth are not the only area of focus for cosmetic dentistry. Instead, the position of the gums relative to your teeth influences your smile’s aesthetics. Therefore, cosmetic dentists can improve your smile by lowering or heightening your gum line. Dentists perform gum reduction surgeries to overcome gummy smiles and gum grafting surgeries to counter receding gum lines.

Can Cosmetic Dentistry Boost Your Confidence?

You can overcome various dental flaws if you take up an of the cosmetic dental services mentioned above, including the following:

  • Spaces between teeth
  • Permanent stains on teeth
  • Cracked, chipped, or broken teeth
  • Oddly-shaped teeth
  • A gummy smile
  • Exposed tooth roots
  • Crooked teeth
  • Missing teeth

By overcoming the above dental conditions, you are on your way toward high self-confidence. Besides, the following are ways that cosmetic dentistry affects your confidence:

  • Improved speech – you can improve your pronunciation of certain words and phrases if you change your teeth’ shape and alignment.
  • Closing gaps between teeth – whether your gap is due to a lost tooth or improper alignment, it will attract the wrong kind of attention to your mouth.
  • A white, bright smile – sometimes, confidence is found in having the brightest smile in a room. Whether you have stains on your teeth or not, teeth whitening services in cosmetic dentistry can significantly boost your self-confidence.


When you are all grown up, you should not stake your self-confidence in what people say. Instead, you can invest in improving your self-image to boost your confidence levels and lead a high-quality life. The good news is that you can achieve all your dental goals in cosmetic dentistry.

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