Causes of Tooth Pain

Causes of Tooth Pain

Jun 01, 2019

Are you suffering from persistent tooth pain? Does the pain refuse to subside even after taking pain killers? According to the dentist Dorval, it can be a sign of some underlying dental issue. Let us explore some common reasons that can cause tooth pain:

Broken or Damaged Filling

One of the common reasons that cause tooth pain is broken fillings. Fillings are a great way of alleviating the pain caused by tooth decay and cavities and helps in restoring the health of the tooth. However, when the same fillings get damaged or chipped, they can become the reason for pain, says the dentist in Dorval. Bacteria can enter the area where the filling has broken and can lead to pain, discomfort, and further tooth decay. If you suspect broken, knocked, or chipped fillings, it is important so see the dentist in Montreal as early as possible so that the filling can be repaired and further damage can be prevented.

Teeth Grinding

While occasional teeth grinding or jaw clenching won’t damage your teeth, frequent episodes of grinding and jaw tension can cause severe tooth and jaw pain, wearing away of enamel, headaches, and tooth loss. Also, it can be a sign of Sleep Apnea says the dentist near you. Teeth grinding can be difficult to diagnose, says the dentist in Montreal.

Gum Infection

The dentist in Dorval QC explains that gum infections such as gingivitis cause swelling, inflammation, and bleeding of the gums. But in severe cases, it can also lead to tooth loss and pain. It can damage your structural tissues around the teeth and infect the jawbone. In such cases, gingivitis has evolved into an advanced form known as Periodontitis. When your gum disease advances, tooth pain becomes sharp and intense and causes difficulty in eating, chewing, talking, and laughing. You may also experience foul-tasting drainage in your mouth along with bad breath. Periodontitis is caused by plaque build up which is a result of lack of oral hygiene practice. It can be prevented with regular brushing and flossing along with visiting a dentist near you every six months.

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