Benefits from Orthodontics Can Help Improve Your Oral Health

Benefits from Orthodontics Can Help Improve Your Oral Health

May 20, 2020

If you schedule an orthodontist appointment to treat a problem with your teeth you will be benefiting from more than just the problem with your teeth corrected. The treatment provided by the orthodontist will also improve your overall health by making it easier for you to maintain proper oral hygiene.

You cannot assume that the orthodontist is just a specialist to give your teeth a better appearance by positioning them properly. He or she besides improving your appearance will also be aiming to improve your oral function.

Dental orthodontics can offer treatments to achieve the following:

  • Aligning the tips of your teeth.
  • Improving speech and chewing ability.
  • Boosting the long-term health of your teeth and gums.
  • Closing gaps between the teeth.
  • Treating an improper bite.
  • Preventing long-term excessive wear or damage to the teeth

While dental orthodontics look forward to improving the appearance of your teeth it does not restrict itself just to the cosmetic part of the treatment. It also improves your chewing and speech function and assists to protect teeth from tooth decay or damage in many cases.

For achieving these goals orthodontists will use orthodontic braces apart from a range of dental devices designed by the medical fraternity exclusively to improve the appearance and functionality of the teeth. The devices may include headgear, plates, braces, and splints to give you the benefit of a comprehensive treatment that will improve the imperfections with your teeth.

What Kind of Medical Dental Devices Are Employed by Orthodontists?

Orthodontists may employ fixed or removable devices when they are called upon to offer treatment to you.

Fixed appliances are the most common devices used in orthodontics and are beneficial when precision is of high importance. You can eat normally with fixed appliances but will be advised to avoid carbonated drinks, stick foods, hard candy, and chewing gum.

If you participate in contact sports you must exchange the information with your orthodontist because you may need special gum shields. Some examples of fixed appliances are:


Braces comprise of brackets, bands, and wires. The brackets are attached to the front of the teeth and the bands are fixed firmly around the teeth to serve as anchors for the appliance. Wires shaped like an arch pass through the brackets to be fixed to the bands. The archwire is tightened to apply pressure to the teeth. With time the pressure moves the teeth into the proper position.

You need to follow-up with your orthodontist every month for adjusting and tightening the braces. The treatment may require several months or even years to be completed. If you fancy colors in your mouth you will be happy to know that you can find colored and clear braces from orthodontists.

Removable Orthodontic Devices

These devices may be employed to treat minor problems to correct slightly crooked teeth. The devices can be removed from the mouth when eating, cleaning, and even during certain activities like playing wind instruments. The removable orthodontic device is presently being demanded by adults because it is the only alternative available for braces. An example of a removable device is:


This is a perfect alternative to braces and will be suitable for you if the problems with your teeth are not complex and only need minor corrections. Aligners are virtually invisible and will not be noticed by anyone unless they make an effort to probe into your mouth and look for them. Aligners are better in some ways because they can be removed from your mouth for eating, brushing and flossing your teeth to maintain proper oral hygiene. You will be required to visit your orthodontist every three weeks to have the aligners replaced with a new one. The treatment offered with aligners is faster than traditional braces allowing you to display a better set of teeth approximately 6 to 18 months.

Why Have You Been Recommended to an Orthodontist?

Your dentist may have noticed that your teeth and jaw have not developed properly to result in malocclusion and therefore recommended that you visit an orthodontist to have the problem corrected. Malocclusion despite not being a disease of any kind to affect your physical health potentially creates problems with your upper and lower teeth to impact the shape of your face. You Could be embarrassed at the appearance of your teeth and lack the confidence to move between people. Orthodontic treatment in Dorval aims to deal with such problems and correct them to give you the benefit of a better appearance and self-confidence and also improve your oral health at the same time.

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